JF506E Transmission 9 Piece Solenoid Set 2001 and Up VW Jaguar Land Rover Default Title

JF506E Transmission 9 Piece Solenoid Set 2001 and Up VW Jaguar Land Rover

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 Complete SOLENOID SET 2001 AND UP

              This is a 9 Piece Solenoid Set including:       
 N88 N89 N90 N91 N92 N93 N281 N282 N283 

this is not correct for Mazda applications

This transmission tends to run hot and damage the solenoids. If you replace the solenoids and do not resolve the underlying issue, the solenoids will fail again and will not fall under warranty. Be sure to do both when replacing the solenoids. Warranty is for manufacturing defects only.

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If you have any problem, please call us immediately so we can resolve your issue. We have a technician available to assist you.

This item is packaged for Professional Transmission Shops. It may also be packaged in transmission fluid as part of the manufacturing and distribution process and in no way means the item to have been used. We do not stock or sell used electrical parts.


WARRANTY requests need to be accompanied with the appropriate code as diagnosed by a professional transmission shop.

Vehicles must be professionally diagnosed for solenoid failure prior to purchase.

We cannot guarantee any one item will fix all transmission problems.

Solenoid failure is often accompanied by additional failures for example valve body failures, internal wear or damaged hard parts.


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