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Alabama Bands

Dodge Ram TF8 727 46re 47re 48RE A518 Transmission Front Band 727 518 618

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Remember, transmissions have variations based on year, make, model and engine size, as well as for 2WD, AWD, 4x4, gas, diesel or hybrid and in some situations half years.  We encourage you to chat or call toll free with one of our knowledgeable staff members that will assist you in finding the correct part the first time and answer any questions you may have regarding parts for your build. Our goal simply put, is to get you moving with one order.

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img{max-width:100%}   A727 A518 High Energy Carbon FRONT BAND 1962 and Up 727 518 618 48REDodge Chrysler Jeep APPLICATIONS Dakota, Durango 1998-2003 V8 5.9L 4 Spd RWD 4x4 Ram & Van 1500-3500 1995-2008 L6 5.9L Diesel 4 Spd RWD 4X4 Ram & Van 1500-3500 1995-2006 V8 5.2L 5.7L 5.9L 4 Spd RWD 4X4 Ram & Van 1500-3500 1995-2006 V10 8.0L 8.3L 4 Spd RWD 4X4             Amc   Comanche 1980-1986 Concord 1972-Up Spirit 1972-Up Eagle 1972-Up Wagoneer 1980-1986      Chrysler   300 1979         5th Avenue 1962-1969    5th Avenue 1971-1989    Cordoba 1975-1983    Imperial 1967-1980    Imperial 1984-1990    LeBaron 1978-1979 3 Speed RWD New Yorker 1982           Dodge   Aspen 1977-1980    Challenger 1970-1979   Charger 1974-1989    Coronet 1974-1976    Dart 1969-1976    Diplomat 1978-1979    Diplomat 1981-1983    Magnum 1978-1979    Mirada 1980         Monaco 1974-1978    Pickup 1969-1991 3 Speed 4x4 Pickup 1967-1987 3 Speed RWD Pickup 1989-1991 3 Speed RWD Ram Charger 1975-1988 Ram Charger 1974-1988 4x4 Royal Monaco 1977 St Regis 1979-1981 Van 3 Speed 1969-1988 Pickup 1990-up 4 Speed RWD Van 1990-1991 4 Speed   Plymouth   Barrcuda 1967-1974 Fury 1974-1978 Gran Fury 1975-1977 Gran Fury 1980-1983 Satelite 1974 Trail Duster 1974-1981 Valiant 1970-1976 Van 1974-1983 Volare 1977-1980   Range Rover    Range Rover 10/1982-1987 3 Speed Parts ship daily from our distribution center.FREE SHIPPING on US OrdersGOT QUESTIONS on your specific Year/Make/Model?  Send us a message ¿Habla español? Escríbanos con el año, la marca, y el modelo de su vehículo. Visit Our eBay Store: Phoenix Transmission Parts for all of your Automatic Transmission Part needs.Check out my other items!Be sure to add me to your favorites list!