B7TA B7YA Transmission SONNAX TC Check Valve Kit 5 speed 4 speed 98892-06K

B7TA B7YA Transmission SONNAX TC Check Valve Kit 5 speed 4 speed 98892-06K

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TC Check Valve Sonnax Upgrade

Honda Acura

4-Speed 2-Shaft 4-Speed 3-Shaft 5-Speed Transmissions

Each Kit includes:

  • 1 TC Check Valve
  • 1 Sleeve
  • 1 Spring
  • 1 Shim


An overheating torque converter is a common problem in Honda vehicles equipped with a four or five-speed automatic transmission.This condition can be caused by a worn or stuck TC check valve, which reduces the pressure in the torque converter and leads to excess heat buildup. Replacing the OE TC check valve with the Sonnax TC check valve kit 98892-06K that we offer will restore the torque converter pressure and prevent valve sticking. Some OE castings are machined with an edge remaining at the relief ports. This kit also can be used to salvage those castings.


Acura 3.0CL   1996 2000 M7ZA

Acura 3.2CL   2001 2006 BGFA

Acura 3.2CL   2001 2006 MGFA

Acura 3.2TL   1999      B7VA

Acura 3.2TL   2000 2003 M7WA

Acura 3.2TL   2001 2003 B7WA

Acura MDX     2001 2002 MGHA

Acura MDX     2001 2002 BGHA

Acura TL      2004 2008 BDGA

Honda Accord  1996 2000 B7ZA

Honda Accord  1998 2002 B7XA

Honda Accord  2003 2007 BAYA

Honda Accord  2003 2007 MAYA

Honda Odyssey 1999 2001 B7TA

Honda Odyssey 1999 2001 B7YA

Honda Odyssey 2002 2004 BYBA

Honda Odyssey 2005 2007 BGRA

Honda Odyssey 2005 2007 PGRA

Honda Pilot   2003 2007 BVGA

Honda Pilot   2003 2007 PVGA

Honda Pilot   2003 2007 BVLA

Honda Pilot   2003 2007 PVLA       

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