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700R4 4L60 Transmission Shift Kit Valve Body Correction Kit 1985 Up SK 700 JR

700R4 4L60 Transmission Shift Kit Valve Body Correction Kit 1985 Up SK 700 JR

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TH700 700-R4 4L60 Shift Kit Valve Body Correction Kit GM vehicles 1985 and Up

The common complaints and failures are: 2-4 band and 3-4 clutch failure, an unreliable TV system is the root cause of the band and 3-4 clutch failure as well as late or early shifts. Other complaints are 1-2 slide bump, 2-3 cut-loose, low/reverse clutch failure, no 4th or falling out of 4th as well as 4-3-4-3 shuttle shifts and the infamous 3-2 downshift bang with the lever in the D3 range.

Features and benefits:
This kit features our patented BOOTSTRAP® TV system that cures these complaints and failures. Once the TV system was functional, the surrounding systems needed to be calibrated to work with the all new TV system.

TV that won’t adjust properly causing late shifts or early shifts
Sticking TV valve
2-4 band failure
3-4 clutch failure
Soft or slide-bump 1-2 shift
2-3 cut-loose
Falls out of 4th or no 4th gear
Converter shudder
No Stick TV valve, springs, spacer and aluminum washer
(2) 1-2 accumulator springs and seat
Pressure regulator valve spring and snap ring
Servo cushion spring and shim (for band adjustment)
(3) TV valve springs, TV valve, spacer and aluminum washer
(3) Accumulator valve springs
(3) Line bias valve springs
5/16” plastic checkball
Does not require transmission removal. Includes technical instructions.
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