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6L80 6L90 Valve Body Rebuild Kit for Escalade Corvette Sonnax Zip Kit 6L45 6L50

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6L80 6L90 6L45 6L50 Sonnax Zip Kit

fits 6 Speed Vehicles

  • Pressure Regulator Valve Kit
  • Boost Valve Kit
  • Checkballs (8) .250" diameter
  • Clutch Select Valve Spring Kit
  • Compensater Feed Regulator Valve Kit
  • TCC Regulator Valve, Spring, Shuttle Valve & End Plug
  • O-Ringed End Plug Kit
  • Actuator Feed Limit Valve, Sleeve & Spring
  • Center Support Seal Kit
  • Vacuum Test Nut
  • Installation Instructions

Description: This Zip Kit targets the root cause of multiple complaints by sealing the critical circuit pressure losses in the valve body. The kit contains parts designed to prevent the loss of pressures within the main line, clutch apply control, solenoid feed and lockup control circuits. It also seals multiple circuits known to suffer from end plug leakage or poor checkball sealing. No Reaming or special tools required. 


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