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Remember, transmissions have variations based on year, make, model and engine size, as well as for 2WD, AWD, 4x4, gas, diesel or hybrid and in some situations half years.  We encourage you to chat or call toll free with one of our knowledgeable staff members that will assist you in finding the correct part the first time and answer any questions you may have regarding parts for your build. Our goal simply put, is to get you moving with one order.

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5R55W 5R55S 5R55N Transmission Valve Body Rebuild Shift Correction Kit 2002-2007

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img{max-width:100%}5R55W 5R55S 5R55N Transgo Valve Body Rebuild Kit Shift Correction KitFEATURES:Includes updated design no noise pump flow control valve assembly; new upgraded steel TCC Lockup valve assembly and pump alignment tool; 2 EPC relief assemblies to protect unit from excessive and extreme high pressure; 2 high temp low shrink more durable clutch rings.Addresses won't move-pump noise, no lockup hot-code-slip-shudder lockup problems usually valve body caused, not the converter. Trouble codes: P1740, PO732, 733, 735. Kit also includes several springs located throughout the valve bodies of these units that cause no or slow reverse and loss of or non operation of various forward gear ranges. Special Instructions:Does not require transmission removal  APPLICATIONSExplorer 2002-2003 V6 4.0L; V8 4.6L 5 Spd RWD 4X4Explorer, Sport Trac 2004-2007 V6 4.0L 5 Spd RWD 4X4Explorer, Sport Trac 2004-2005 V8 4.6L 5 Spd RWD 4X4Mustang 2005-2007 V6 4.0L: V8 4.6L 5 Spd RWDThunderbird 2002 V8 3.9L 5 Spd RWDThunderbird 2003-2005 V8 3.9L 5 Spd RWDS Type 2002 V6 3.0L; V8 4.0L 5 Spd RWDXK8 2002 V8 4.0L 5 Spd RWDXKR, XKR 100 2002 V8 4.0L 5 Spd RWDAviator 2003-2005 V8 4.6L 5 Spd RWD 4X4LS 2002 V6 3.0L; V8 3.9L 5 Spd RWDLS 2003-2006 V6 3.0L; V8 3.9L 5 Spd RWDMountaineer 2002-2003 V6 4.0L; V8 4.6L 5 Spd RWD 4X4Mountaineer 2004-2007 V6 4.0L 5 Spd RWD 4X4 Parts ship daily from our distribution center. FREE SHIPPING on US Orders   GOT QUESTIONS on your specific Year/Make/Model? Send us a message on eBay.¿Habla español? Escríbanos con el año, la marca, y el modelo de su vehículo. Visit Our eBay Store: Phoenix Transmission Parts for all of your Automatic Transmission Part needs Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!