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Alto TTK SAP Allomatic

4L60E Master Rebuild Kit Alto Red Eagle Clutch Kolene PowerPack Drum Band 93-97

4L60E Master Rebuild Kit Alto Red Eagle Clutch Kolene PowerPack Drum Band 93-97

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High Performance Master Rebuild KitAlto Red Eagle Clutch Plate Rebuild Kit with Kolene Steel Plates and Alto 3/4 Red Eagle 9 Plate Power Packfor 4L60E 1993-1997 GM Applications

Features: Gasket and Seal Overhaul Rebuild Kit including Neoprene Pan Gasket, Corvette Servo Piston Kit, Shallow Pan Filter, Bushing Kit, Reverse Input Drum - OE, National Steel Bonded Rubber Overrun Clutch Apply Piston, National Steel Bonded Rubber Forward Clutch Apply Piston, National Steel Bonded Rubber 3/4 Clutch Apply Piston, Alto Red Eagle Wide Band, 5 Forward Red Eagle Clutch Plates, 5 Low Reverse Red Eagle Clutch Plates, 4 Reverse Input Red Eagle Clutch Plates, 2 Overrun Red Eagle Clutch Plates, Alto Red Eagle and Kolene 3/4 9 Plate PowerPack, 5 Forward Kolene Steel Plates, 5 Low Reverse Kolene Steel Plates, 4 Reverse Input Kolene Steel Plates, 2 Overrun Kolene Steel Plates

Descriptions- The Alto PowerPack enables you to install up to 9 3/4 friction plates versus the stock 6 plates. Red Eagle frictions are especially designed to limit the amount of "slip" by providing a shorter lock-up time, generating less heat. The proprietary process starts with the friction paper saturated in a phenolic resin, cured and then saturated a second time in a silicate. The silicate imparts high heat resistance. The clutches are designed with a softer, more resilient base paper, assure less wear against opposing steel plates and reduce the incidence of steel plates burning and warping. The increased surface area provides increased holding, heat absorption, shorter lock-up time, decreasing slippage. They are also designed to dissipate oil without the necessity of an oil groove. Kolene is a high performance steel plate which has a surface treatment that enhances wear and fatigue resistance from 200%-500%. These plates are higher heat resistant and offer increased lubricity. Kolene is a salt bath nitriding process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process, whereby ferrous parts are processed in molten salt with a specific nitrogen potential. Alto offers a life time warranty on their high performance friction plates. Please see our Alto warranty page for details. Some 700R4 vehicles 1982-1986 you may have to change the pressure plate for the forward and reverse input clutch to use this kit.

OVERHAUL KIT Contains all paper gaskets, Pan gasket, rubber lip seals, metal clad seals, sealing rings and rubber o-rings.

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