4L30E Transmission Overrun Clutch Piston 1990 & Up fits GM BMW

4L30E Transmission Overrun Clutch Piston 1990 & Up fits GM BMW

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4L30E Transmission Bonded OverRun Clutch Piston 1990 and Up

Acura BMW Honda Isuzu GM Cadillac



Acura SLX 1996-1999 V6 3.2L 3.5L 4SPD RWD
BMW 318i 1991-1999 L4 1.8L 1.9L 4SPD RWD
323i 1997-1999 L6 2.5L 4 SPD RWD
325i 1992-1995 L6 2.5L 4SPD RWD
328i 1996-1999 L6 2.8L 4SPD RWD
525i 1991-1995 L6 2.5L 4SPD RWD
528i 1996-1999 L6 2.8L 4SPD RWD
Z3, Z3 Roadster 1996-2000 L4 1.9L L6 2.8L 4SPD RWD
Cadillac Catera 1997-2001 V6 3.0L 4SPD RWD
Isuzu Amigo 1999-2000 V6 3.2L 4SPD RWD
Axiom 2002-2006 V6 3.5L 4SPD RWD 4x4
Rodeo 1990-2006 L4 2.2L 2.6L 4SPD RWD 4x4
Rodeo 1990-2006 V6 3.1L 3.2L 3.5L 4SPD RWD 4x4
Trooper 1992-2002 V6 3.2L 3.5L 4SPD 4x4
VehiCROSS 1999-2001 V6 3.5L 4SPD 4x4
Honda Passport 1994-2002 L4 2.6L V6 3.2L 4SPD RWD 4x4

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WARRANTY requests need to be accompanied with the appropriate code

as diagnosed by a professional transmission shop.

Vehicles must be professionally diagnosed for solenoid failure prior to purchase.

We cannot guarantee any one item will fix all transmission problems.

Solenoid failure is often accompanied by additional failures;

for example valve body failures, internal wear or damaged hard parts.

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