45RFE 5-45RFE Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Clutch Housing & Line Pressure Booster

45RFE 5-45RFE Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Clutch Housing & Line Pressure Booster

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45RFE 5-45RFE 68RFE Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Clutch Housing Kit & Line Pressure Booster Kit

Smart-Tech Overdrive Clutch Housing Kit


  • Overdrive/Reverse Housing
  • Bolt-On Anchor Plate
  • Anchor Plate Shims - 2
  • UD/OD Reaction Plate
  • Adapter Sleeve
  • Lip Seal
  • Friction Clutch Plates - 6
  • Steel Clutch Plates - 5
  • Screws - 12
  • Chisel
  • Installation Instructions

Description: Dodge trucks pulling heavy loads or boosted to 400-600HP are at a high risk for overdrive burnup due to the stock transmission's insufficient clutch capacity and fragile OE clutches.
Even small amounts of heat and extra torque will push the thin (.034"), single sided clutches over the edge, distorting the clutch pack. The fact is, any distortion of the clutch pack takes the clearance out of spec and makes overdrive clutch burnup inevitable.

Keep hardworking trucks on the road with this Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Housing Kit. The unique billet aluminum housing holds a physically taller clutch pack and increases OD apply area by 16%. Plus, 2X thicker clutches increase clutch pack steel mass by 28% for unrivaled heat dissipation.

This groundbreaking kit is the only top of the line upgrade that eliminates clutch problems without relying on valve body/pump modifications or adding the expense of extra components.

  • Modified housing holds physically larger clutch pack for 20% more clutch capacity
  • 2X thicker steels and double sided clutch pack increase steel mass by 28% for unrivaled heat dissipation
  • Bolt-on anchor plate eliminates clutch pack flexing and distortion that contributes to heat build up
  • 16% more OD apply area for firmer, more controlled shifts
  • Combine with Sonnax Line Pressure Booster Kit RFE-LB1 for even higher levels of performance

Also works for 68RFE, 65RFE, and 66RFE applications

This kit requires use of the input clutch retainer found in the 2007 and later units (OE number 04799648AB). All 68RFE, 66RFE, and 65RFE units should have this retainer. 45RFE and 545RFE 1999-2006 applications must replace the input clutch retainer with 2007 and later version.

Sonnax Line Pressure Booster Kit RFE-LB1


  • Pressure Regulator Spring
  • Wiring Harness with Connectors
  • Installation Instructions

Description: RFE transmissions have a unique, full range pressure transducer and real time adaptive closed loop pressure control system. Because of this, it is not possible to raise pressure in an RFE the same way you would in other transmissions. The typical method of installing a stronger pressure regulator spring or larger boost valve will not work because the RFE control module will simply adapt and return pressure to OE specification. An electrical booster option is the only way to raise pressure on an RFE.

This kit is an improved design over a simple resistor circuit. Featuring an integrated chip (IC) circuit and a stronger pressure regulator spring, this new kit delivers 10 psi increase at lower pressure and 25 psi increase at higher pressure ranges. Only Sonnax line pressure booster kits provide progressive pressure increase which gives you smooth engagements and lower load on the pump at idle, but a greater increase in pressure as the transmission works harder. 

This kit is ideal for heavy duty and modified vehicles and even stock transmissions when a little extra pressure is desired.

  • Achieve shorter shifts and increased torque capacity without creating low speed harshness
  • Improved clutch holding capacity for increased durability
  • Progressive pressure increase as driving conditions become more demanding
  • One kit fits both gas and diesel applications

Dodge Dakota, Durango 2000-2006 V8 4.7L

Ram 1500 2002-2006 V6 3.7L V8 4.7L 5.7L

Ram 2500 ST/SLT 2004-2006 V6 3.7L

Ram 2500 ST/SLT 2004-2011 V8 4.7L 5.7L

Ram 3500 ST/SLT 2004-2007 V8 4.7L 5.7L

Ram 3500 ST/SLT 2004-2006 V6 3.7L

Jeep Grand Cherokee, Laredo 1999-2000 V8 4.7L

Liberty 2002-2004 V6 3.7L


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