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700R4 4L60 Transmission Reverse Piston Capsules Set of 10 Fitzall

700R4 4L60 Transmission Reverse Piston Capsules Set of 10 Fitzall

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 4L60 700-R4 TeckPak Fitzall Reverse Piston Capsules - Set of 10 for GM vehicles

Helps eliminate premature failure of the Reverse Input pack by controlling bleed off includes installation instructions


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Fleetwood 1990-1992 4Speed RWD



Astro 1985-1990

Astro 1989-1990 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1982-1986 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1983-1984 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1985-1986 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1987-1990 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1990-up 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1982 4speed RWD

Camaro 1983-1986 4speed RWD

Camaro 1983-1988 4speed RWD

Camaro 1983-1992 4speed RWD

Camaro 1987-1992 4speed RWD

Caprice 1982 4speed RWD

Caprice 1982-1989 4speed RWD

Caprice 1984-1990 4speed RWD

Caprice 1988-1989 4speed RWD

Caprice 1990 4speed RWD

Caprice 1988-1989 4speed RWD

Corvette 1982-1993  

Monte Carlo 1984

Monte Carlo 1985-1987

Monte Carlo 1988  

Suburban 1/2 Ton 1990-1991 2WD

Suburban 1/2 Ton 1990-1992 4WD

Truck 4Speed 4x2 1982-1992

Truck 4Speed 4x4 1982

Truck 4Speed 4x4 1982-1992

Van 4Speed 1983-1990



Jimmy 1982 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1982-1990 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1985-1986 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1985-1990 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1991-1993 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1982 4Speed RWD

S15 1983-1988 4Speed 4x4

S15 1989-1990 4Speed 4x4

S15 1990-1991 4Speed 4x4

S15 1991 4Speed 4x4

S15 1983-1984 4Speed RWD

S15 1983-1990 4Speed RWD

S15 1985-1991 4Speed RWD  

S15 1988-1990 4Speed RWD

S15 1990-1991 4Speed RWD  

Safari 1985-1990

Safari 1991-1993

Sonoma 1991

Suburban 1992



Bravada 1991-1992

Custom Cruiser 1991-1992



Firebird 1983-1985 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1983-1988 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1983-1990 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1987 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1989-1990 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1991 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1992-up 4Speed RWD

Parisienne 1984-1986 4Speed RWD

Parisienne 1985-1988 4Speed RWD



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