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Caution-Please beware of the following before ordering transmission parts.

Remember, transmissions have variations based on year, make, model and engine size, as well as for 2WD, AWD, 4x4, gas, diesel or hybrid and in some situations half years.  We encourage you to chat or call toll free with one of our knowledgeable staff members that will assist you in finding the correct part the first time and answer any questions you may have regarding parts for your build. Our goal simply put, is to get you moving with one order.

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2004R 4L60 700R4 Transmission Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Sonnax 77917-06

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2004R 4L60 700R4 Transmission Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Sonnax 77917-06

Description- A worn OE pressure regulator valve can be detected in two ways. The first is a dynamometer test that reveals low line pressure during boost conditions (look for 50-100 psi less than specified in Reverse). The second is vehicle symptoms such as clutch slippage, reverse chatter and 3-4 clutch failure. Any of the above problems indicate bore wear that should be addressed. To address pressure regulator leakage in GM 4L60, 200-4R pump covers, Sonnax offers oversized pressure regulator valve 77917-06. The Sonnax valve permits pump covers to be restored to E specifications by
correcting for wear and leakage at the pressure regulator valve. Refurbish the pump
cover by reaming the bore and installing an oversized pressure regulator valve. The
pressure regulator valve helps restore control over the pressure regulating circuit by
eliminating leakage. NoteBoost valves should be checked for leakage at the same time the pressure regulator valve is being replaced. 

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