700R4 2004R Transgo Non Lock Up Converter Conversion Valve 1981 and UP

700R4 2004R Transgo Non Lock Up Converter Conversion Valve 1981 and UP

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700-R4 2004R Transgo Non Lock up Converter Conversion Valve

for GM vehicles 1981 and Up

For use with NON LOCK UP Converters Only

 Description: This valve system corrects converter flow to the primary pump area so the converter will stay full under high load and RPM. It does not require any pump machining, cross drilling or any modification to the pump support. Includes installation instructions.

Not recommended for working trucks, vans, suburbans or towing. A non-lockup converter increases transmission temperature which can lead to overheating and general transmission failure during highway use.

We build all our torque converters.

We will build to your vehicles specifications.





Fleetwood 1990-1992 4Speed RWD



Astro 1985-1990

Astro 1989-1990 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1982-1986 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1983-1984 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1985-1986 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1987-1990 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1990-up 4speed 4x4

Blazer 1982 4speed RWD

Camaro 1983-1986 4speed RWD

Camaro 1983-1988 4speed RWD

Camaro 1983-1992 4speed RWD

Camaro 1987-1992 4speed RWD

Caprice 1982 4speed RWD

Caprice 1982-1989 4speed RWD

Caprice 1984-1990 4speed RWD

Caprice 1988-1989 4speed RWD

Caprice 1990 4speed RWD

Caprice 1988-1989 4speed RWD

Corvette 1982-1993  

Monte Carlo 1984

Monte Carlo 1985-1987

Monte Carlo 1988  

Suburban 1/2 Ton 1990-1991 2WD

Suburban 1/2 Ton 1990-1992 4WD

Truck 4Speed 4x2 1982-1992

Truck 4Speed 4x4 1982

Truck 4Speed 4x4 1982-1992

Van 4Speed 1983-1990



Jimmy 1982 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1982-1990 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1985-1986 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1985-1990 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1991-1993 4Speed 4x4

Jimmy 1982 4Speed RWD

S15 1983-1988 4Speed 4x4

S15 1989-1990 4Speed 4x4

S15 1990-1991 4Speed 4x4

S15 1991 4Speed 4x4

S15 1983-1984 4Speed RWD

S15 1983-1990 4Speed RWD

S15 1985-1991 4Speed RWD  

S15 1988-1990 4Speed RWD

S15 1990-1991 4Speed RWD  

Safari 1985-1990

Safari 1991-1993

Sonoma 1991

Suburban 1992



Bravada 1991-1992

Custom Cruiser 1991-1992



Firebird 1983-1985 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1983-1988 4Speed RWD

Firebird 1983-1990 4Speed RWD